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Giant Human Balloon
Giant Human Balloon
Giant Human Balloon
Giant Human Balloon
Giant Human Balloon
Giant Human Balloon
Giant Human Balloon

Giant Human Balloon

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šŸŽ„ Imagine the fun at Christmas! šŸ˜‚

This Giant Human Balloon is an absoluteĀ boredom-busting craze!Ā Itā€™s made for anyone who wants to beĀ cool,Ā fun,Ā andĀ the kid at heart.Ā You canĀ bounce away all the boredomĀ by yourself or go play with it with your friends forĀ unstoppable laughter and fun!
Bounce all the boredom away and get hysterical with thisĀ Giant Human Balloon!
  • UNBELIEVABLY HUGE. When fully inflated, this balloon can contain around 3000 liters, which is 3 cubic meters. When not inflated the balloon is approx. 52cm x 62cm and weighs 240g.

  • LARGE NECK OPENING. The neck of the balloon, the opening for climbing in is approximately 17 centimeters.
  • SUPER STRONG.Ā Made with natural latex, it has extra endurance because this balloon is dipped multiple times.

  • EASY TO USE. When inflated the easiest way to seal the balloons is by usingĀ large balloon clips. The best way to inflate these balloons is with anĀ electric balloon pump.


x 1Ā TreasureBoxā„¢ļøĀ Giant Human Balloon


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